How to Get Backlinks: The Complete Guide

Want to learn how to get backlinks. These are 21 ways you can get backlinks in 2019. It takes persistence and hard work.

It is always a good idea to have more quality backlinks. These are the ones that are natural and come from content you’re proud to link to. These backlinks can be built using several strategies.

Although some SEOs may engage in blackhat techniques, it is not a profitable business unless you are able to operate on a large scale, and are willing to be penalized later.

Another strategy is to gain backlinks through creating great content, and getting it in front the right people.

While there haven’t been many new strategies for link building in quite some time, some were more successful than others in 2020. You can always improve on each tactic.

Answer questions on Quora

Quora has a lot of people searching for help. You only need to search keywords that are related to your industry to see hundreds, if certainly thousands of questions.

Let’s take, for example, the key phrase “content market.” I did a quick Google search and found this question. It was asking if content marketing works.

Answer the question and you can also link to any blog posts or articles within your domain.

This screenshot illustrates the idea. You can find my reply with the link that I provided , a blog post I wrote and which covers some data points that are relevant to the discussion.

This is a good opportunity to link to your site, but not to just gain a link. It is not a good idea to spam Quora. Instead, focus on providing a great answer. Only add a link to the website if it makes sense.

Help a reporter

You may have heard of HRO and . But are you really on it?

If you don’t understand HARO, it is a website where journalists can go for help when they need it.

If you answer their questions, you will get free press. You could be published on a news site or magazine such as This makes HARO a great spot to get high-quality backlinks.

This site won’t have a lot of links, but it will provide links that drive traffic to your site.

These links are available by spending 30 to 60 minutes each week on HARO.

Broken links to resources and products

If you don’t focus on the right kind of broken links, it can be difficult to build broken link. Many websites and blogs have broken links, but few people are willing to fix them.

You can find resources pages that are related to your field, and then search for broken links within them. Web masters are more likely than bloggers to fix broken links in resource pages, as they generate more traffic than other blog posts.

You can use Broken Link Locator to find these links and other resource pages.

It is expensive , but the tool is well worth it.

You should use the tool if you do. Make sure you include words like “resources” in your keywords. This will allow you to find the correct type of broken links.

Forums for the industry

Are you familiar with forums for building links? Why not?

You might be afraid of the Penguin penal. You shouldn’t be worried if you’re only participating in relevant forums and not spamming them.

Warrior Forum, among other marketing forums, has a lot of discussion about The sung villa. Each time they do, I get 300-700 visitors. This is a great result for one link.

Responding to questions in forums should be done the same way as when answering questions on Quora. Answer questions and then link to your website if it makes sense.

Don’t spam these forums again. Make sure you only respond to questions that make sense.

Avoid using rich anchor text when adding a link on your website.

You can link to the relevant sites

Although it may seem crazy, linking to relevant websites within your content is a great way of building links.

A post I wrote recently on Competitive Auditing was linked to more than 20 websites.

Before publishing the post, I visited each website and gathered an email address from someone who works there. I searched the contact pages of these websites for the email address of the employee I was looking for, but couldn’t find it.

I sent an email personalized to each website:

Hey, [person’s first name],

Just wanted to let [insert website] know that I find [insert URL] to be such a great resource, that I had to include it in my most recent blog post [link back to your blog].

I understand that you are busy so don’t hesitate to reply. If you have a moment, take a look at the post. You can tweet it if you like it.


[your name]

Expect people to link to your site. While some people may naturally link back to your website, it will not be more than 5%. About 20% to 25% of people you email will tweet your post. This will increase traffic to your site and may result in some visitors linking to you.

Round-up posts

What are the most popular and most linked posts on the Internet? It’s round-up posts.

This round-up post is for those who aren’t familiar. 50 experts offer tips and tricks on building links.

According to Ahrefs , the post received over 383 social media shares and 34 backlinks. This is a great roundup post.

How can you create one of these posts. You only need to find experts in your field, and then email them one question. It is best to limit the number of questions you ask as this will reduce your chances of getting a response.

Round-up posts without a lot of experts are not very effective.

I suggest that you post at least 50 experts. You should give experts a deadline for responding to your email. You should also ensure that you send at least twice as many experts as you need in order to complete your post. About half of them won’t respond.

After publishing your expert roundup, send an email to each expert using this email:

Hey, [expert name],

Just wanted to say thank you for taking part in the expert roundup on [insert topic].

The post can be found at [insert URL], and I have also included a link for your site.

You can tweet it and share it with your followers.

Thank you for your participation.

[insert name]

Similar to Backlink tip #5, you will get more social media visitors. You may get some of these visitors to link back to you.

Follow the links of your competitors

While any backlink tool will tell you which competitor is linking to you, very few tools can sort these links by freshness.

Cognitive SEO offers a tool to show you how fresh these links are. It will also show you the most recent links to your competitors. You simply need to select “Fresh Links” from the dashboard.

The Cognitive SEO lists the most recent backlinks, as you can see.

Then, you can take the list and manually hit each site with an email such as this.

Hey, [insert name]

Just as I was reading your blog post about [insert post title and link] I noticed that you didn’t link to [insert URL]. It can be useful for your readers to learn about [insert value their readers will receive].

It was because you had linked to [insert URL of competitor], but you didn’t mention [insert URL of your site].

Keep up the good work. Your content is amazing.

Your fan

[insert name]

You’ll usually generate 7-10 links for every 100 emails. Although it’s not a lot, it adds up.

Give a gift to the community

Nearly every new business faces the same problem: No one knows you. No one knows you, even if you have lots to offer.

To get attention is one of the key objectives of link building strategies we’ll be looking at in this article.

There are many ways you can get the attention and respect of people you don’t know.

In most cases, the best way to do this is to provide something of value, as much as possible.

These are just a few of the options.

Create a photo gallery. Every blogger knows how important it is to have great images in their posts.

Although some bloggers may hire a designer to create the most important photos, this is not an option for those with less important images.

Bloggers would be happy to exchange links to sites for a free image.

This is why I suggest hiring a designer or taking photos yourself and creating a free gallery. Send the link to the gallery out to medium-top bloggers within your niche explaining that you are happy to use them for free in return for a link back.

You could, for example, take photos in the fitness industry.

This will open up doors for other bloggers and provide you with a number of really great links.

Last but not least, you should make images that highlight common themes within your niche.

If you are in the content marketing industry, you might create images that represent things that are frequently mentioned, such as:

  • SEO tools
  • Rankings in SEO
  • Reader personas
  • Inbound marketing
  • Different marketing channels

And so on…

Create a free tool for your users: If traffic is a concern and you want to get a lot of it yourself, then you should create something that you can share with your entire community, not just bloggers. A tool is that thing.

Tools can be a great tool to increase your site, and also earn backlinks.

Over 3,880 domains have linked to the keyword research tool This is a simple tool to create or get built.

It takes a little bit of work to get links that are good. They cost less than $1 per link. You can see why tools are a great idea.

It is not easy to create the tool, especially if it isn’t coded by you.

You will also need to promote this tool. You can write about it on niche forums, subreddits and on social networking.

Third Option – Do original data analysis or research: This is a choice that I love but almost no one else does.

You’ll notice that many posts link to other people’s research.

Original research takes time and effort. It’s easier to link to other people’s research than do your own.

This allows you to benefit from the link-sharing by providing the research of bloggers in your niche.

The research I did was done by Buzzsumo. I just analyzed the data they sent me. It’s a good way to start a relationship.

Find a question that is frequently asked in your niche and dig in. Then, do your research. Once you are done, email your results to top bloggers in the niche and give them the first dibs.


Link building strategies for new sites tend to be slow.

They are consistent in their efforts and produce consistent results.

If you do them well, you will rarely see thousands of visitors and hundreds of links in a matter of months.

Guest-posting is an exception to the general rule. You don’t have to do it well to see results. Most bloggers are capable of doing it well.

Guest-blogging is a great way to make money even if your blog isn’t yet established. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as your pitch is compelling.

When I think about guest-blogging to build a new website, I think about Danny Iny. He is often called the “Freddy Krueger” of guest-posting.

This nickname was given to him because he seemed to be everywhere at the time Firepole Marketing (now Mirasee), first launched.

His primary strategy to get traffic and links was guest posting. Firepole Marketing quickly rose to the top of the marketing blogs thanks to his numerous guest posts.

Since you are new to the world, you will need to adapt your approach.

Do not pitch to Forbes or Copyblogger. Instead, look for smaller sites that are more open to your pitches.

You then need to WOW them by sharing your post and promoting that post.

Once your writing skills are proven, then it’s possible to pitch larger sites. You can also cite your previous successes as proof you’re a serious blogger.

Interview experts

Interviewing experts is one of the best ways to establish connections. You can email prospects to tell them how amazing they are and how much they want to be interviewed, and they will likely not say no.

Each week I get four to five interviews. I don’t say no. I have also sent dozens of people requests for interviews. It’s rare that they say no… even though my blog was not very popular.

How do you create links to interview experts? Most experts have a website. After interviewing them, you can ask for their permission to share the interview with others or tweet it and post it on Facebook.

Over 90% of people will share an interview on Twitter or Facebook. More than 40% will link to it via their website. To increase your chances of getting a link, you can find out if they have a press site before asking them to interview. The chances of them linking to you interview are over 95% if they have one.


This is my favourite way to build links. I love making complicated data understandable. This strategy was heavily used by Mint in their early days. Beautiful graphics made complicated financial data easily understandable.

KISSmetrics also does this, and our infographics are received more than 3,741 links.

What’s the secret to getting links from infographics? To allow people to link back, you must first have an embed code at each infographic’s bottom. You should also adhere to the promotion strategies described in this blog post .


Matt Inman may be known as the Oatmeal creator, but many SEOs are more familiar with him as the master of quizzes. After starting his career at SEOmoz, he moved to link creation via linkbait.

He created viral quizzes like How many 5 year-olds can you fight to rank Mingle2 for online dating terms. He used the same strategy to rank a payday loan website for all keywords related to payday loans.

Matt has quizzes available on The Oatmeal. If you are looking to build thousands more links, you might consider replicating this strategy. You should be cautious as his dating site and payday loan website were both hacked by Google, . But you won’t have this problem if these rules are followed:

  1. Your quiz must be related to your website. Don’t create a quiz about fighting 5-year olds if you have a dating site.
  2. Do not use rich anchor text. An embeddable badge is available at the end each quiz to show off your score. Rich anchor text should not be used on this badge. The quiz name should be the anchor text.
  3. Link back to the quiz page

Videos personalized

Do you remember Elf Yourself? JibJab created the campaign for OfficeMax and hundreds of thousands of Elf’d their own faces. JibJab created Elf videos by uploading a photo of their faces.

You were provided with a link at the end of the video that you could share with other people via email or blog posts.

Open Site Explorer says Elf Yourself contains over 10,000 links. Not bad for a Christmas promo video.

You can build links by creating a video that allows users to personalize it. Funny videos can be shared by people who love to personalize them.

Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event is one of the easiest ways to establish links. Each sponsor is listed on conference sites. They often link back to sponsors in many cases.

Although this may not sound like a great idea or creative strategy for link building, consider this… You’ll be able go to the conference.

You may find it tiring to work in corporate environments. It is possible to take a break by attending conference. You’ll also get a link.

Keep in mind that links may be removed from conference websites in the future. This means that you will need to continue sponsoring the event each year. Even though it can be expensive, it is worth the effort to attend conferences.

Sponsor a non profit

Because it allows me to give back, I love the non profit world. In many cases, a link can be obtained if you sponsor a nonprofit.

KISSinsights was my previous company. We used to give our product away for free to non profit organizations, and they would then link to us. This idea was born when a non profit asked for a free account to use on their blog.

This strategy doesn’t require cash exchange. For a link, you can offer your services or your time. It doesn’t matter what it is, I have found that non-profits are open for almost any idea as long as they don’t have large spending budgets.

Take some photos

There are always people searching for images, especially high-quality stock photography images. It can get really expensive very quickly.

You can take excellent photos with a digital camera such as an SLR or DSLR if you have one. You can then put them on a page of your website, and inform people that they are free to use. If they use any of your images, make it a condition that they link back to you.

This strategy has the cool aspect of being highly relevant because people in your industry will most likely use it.

Create an inspiring case study

All these strategies are designed to make something your target can read.

It doesn’t have to be tricked into them reading it. It’s enough to make it interesting for that person.

The first tactic is to create a positive case study. Publicly show your target blogger how you helped them accomplish something.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Choose a blogger to target This is a very personal technique, so it’s important to get to know your target.

Choose a blogger you follow regularly and with whom you are open to building a relationship, even if it doesn’t lead you to any links.

Although this strategy is time-consuming and laborious, it can yield more value than just a few backlinks.

Step 2 – Choose one of their strategies or techniques: Although you can create a case study to support a blogger’s paid products you can also use free content.

Look for a technique that is relatively recent, as bloggers don’t care about old stuff as much.

You might consider following Brian Dean at backlinko if you’re a marketing blogger or SEO.

Many link-building techniques have been published by him, making it easy to locate one.

He has, for example, developed a technique called “Guestographics”, which is his take on infographics.

He provides a detailed guide on how to use infographics to create backlinks.

Step 3 – Practice it This is where most people make mistakes. They try the tactic once and get poor results. Then they create their case study.

Guess what happens when they tell the influencer? Nothing.

If you don’t make an influencer look good, why would they want to share your case?

You will need to practice the technique several times before you can fully grasp its effectiveness.

If I wanted to find out what benefits I could derive from the Guestographic link-building tactic, I would not stop at the first infographic. I would do the next one and so on.

Get an outstanding result.

Step 4 – Record all details and execute the procedure: You need to document every step of the process.

If you only say:

Brian’s method worked for me. Here is a link to my infographic (link). I was able 200 high-quality backlinks.

Brian doesn’t find it useful, even though it is a great result. It is important to tell a story that Brian will be happy to share with his readers.

You want to be the favourite student of the teacher who you are following as an example.

Step #5: Let them know. After you have mastered the technique and achieved an impressive result, the hard work is over.

You just need to tell the influencer about it. If you did it right, they might be interested.

Send them an email that highlights the results. Here’s an example:

Subject : Excellent results with (tactic name). – Thank you!

Hi (Blogger name),

I have been a long-time reader of (blog name), so I finally decided to take your advice.

I used your technique and was able to (impressive results).

I’m quite happy with this!

I tried to keep track of everything that happened during the trial, so that I could create a case study for my site (site name).

I just wanted to thank you!


(Your name)

You will receive a response if you speak simply and succinctly.

After you have established a dialogue, you can ask them if they would be willing to publish the case study instead.

You can also publish the page on your website and email them the link. They will usually be happy to share the link on social media or comment on it.

This tactic is not hypothetical. It’s been used in practice.

Brian published an extensive blog post that highlighted two case studies of Guestographic methods which were successfully implemented.

Each subject got a link back to their domain in the article.

Brian knows these people and likely likes them. If they asked him to do a favor (a review, share, or link), he would most likely oblige. He’d likely help them.

Perrin’s website wasn’t relevant to Backlinko in this instance, which limits the potential benefits that such a relationship can produce. This is why I suggested at the beginning to target relevant bloggers.

Inspirers of in your article

Recall your first school yearbook.

What were you looking for the first time?

Photos of you, ofcourse.

People love to feel special and this doesn’t change with age.

This tactic is about making your chosen influencer feel special and featuring them as an expert. What person wouldn’t love to read flattering articles about themselves?

Option 1 – Quote them It is the easiest way to highlight someone, to quote them.

Either email your influencer to request a quote, or you can take a quote form one of their published articles.

A link to their website, or to their social media accounts is a great way to make them feel special.

One of the Kissmetrics writers had previously compiled a list 50 inspirational quotes by social media influencers.

This tactic was taken to the extreme by him, and it paid off.

This article received over 40 comments, over 1,500 tweets, and hundreds of shares on social networks.

If you include a quote from someone they will often share it and sometimes leave a comment.

Ask them to make a contribution to the article. You need to find a way for them to do so.

This is not always easy, I warn you.

You must have a lot of influence to pursue a popular influencer. Otherwise, there won’t be much incentive.

You can expect them to be more invested if you ask for more. The other side is that the more you ask them, the more they will be willing to do.

This is most commonly seen in the expert Roundup.

Ask a group of experts to contribute to your article by answering a simple question.

Richard Marriott, for example, included 55 SEO experts in an expert roundup on link-building tools.

He published the content of each influencer–anything they sent him, usually a few hundred words.

The article attracted hundreds of comments and social sharing, many from experts.

A person who takes the time to write content will be more inclined to promote your post that someone who simply quotes it.

Third option – Use their work as an illustration:Finally you can link to the best content of the influencer. This works best if your brand is well-recognized.

It’s something I do often in Quick Sprout posts

I make sure to speak positively about the quality and reliability of the resources that I link to. This is why I do it:

  • It makes content creators feel better. Being linked to is great, but being linked because your content is amazing is even better.
  • It’s better to my readers – I try to only link high quality content because it’s best to my readers, who will end up clicking through that content. It’s a good idea to let them know what they can expect before you start.

People will get excited when you mention them.

People who I mention often leave comments or share my posts on social media.

They often link back to my content in future content. It’s a win-win situation.

You don’t have to send an email after featuring someone. Send something as short as this:

Subject: You are featured in an article

Hi (name),

I just wanted to give you a heads-up. In my most recent post, I linked to your blog (and wrote a few nice words). Here’s the link to it:

(your URL for your post)

Keep creating great content!

(Your name)

Nearly everyone will read the article and many will also share it or make comments.

If your article was truly outstanding, they might also check out your other articles. If they are also great, you may just have a long-term reader that will continue to link to you.

Search for authors who are looking for content to link back to

When people don’t want to link out, it’s very difficult to get them to link back to you.

It’s simple to get someone else to link to your site if they are actively searching for sites to link.

Link roundups are an very popular type of content that is used in almost every niche. A link roundup author collects the top posts from the niche and publishes all the links together.

These are created on a regular basis by most authors, which is the best part. These are easy to include as long as you have solid content.

First, make a list. Although you can try different search terms, nearly all roundups are known as “roundups.” This makes them easy to locate.

Look for:

intitle:roundup + (your keyword)

Do not stop at the first page. Continue to read the pages until you find new link roundups.

You can find more than 20 roundups in most niches. This gives you a lot of targets. You can add them to a list.

Step 2 – Make contact: It’s a smart idea to get to know the people behind their roundup to maximize your chances of having your link included. You can comment on some of their articles and share their content via social media.

After you have completed this, you can submit your request to be included on the next roundup. Here is a sample template.

Subject: Weekly roundup at (site)

Hi (name),

Your weekly roundups were a great find. I found them a while back and love the effort that you put into selecting the best posts. It must take a lot of time, I’m sure.

Although it may seem a bit too far-fetched, I just published a post that I thought would make a great roundup. This is a comprehensive and highly actionable guide of (topic).

Could I send you a link?

Best regards,

(Your name)

You can send the link and they will hopefully respond positively.

Step 3 – Help them to help you: This step is crucial in securing a link.

Remember what the author wants: traffic, comments, shares and comments when you are included in link roundsups

If you can help an author get these things, they will love you and want your new posts to be included in future roundups.

Leave a comment once the post goes live and share the post on social media. You can do more by e.g. sending the post to your email address.

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