An Intro Guide to Ecommerce SEO for Beginners

Digital transformation is a key factor in many businesses’ success or failure. You need an SEO strategy to help you through and after Covid-19.

Short-term SEO

Short-term SEO strategies may include content creation related to Covid-19’s impact on your industry, as well as updating and optimizing your listings for local search terms. Answer the questions people have about a crisis in their community. People want to know how they can stay safe, be at home and take care of their families.

You should target broad terms that will help you increase your traffic. These words include “indoors”, DIY”, in-home, and virtual.

SEO for the long-term

Long-term SEO strategies may include creating content that answers people’s questions after the pandemic. Many are concerned about the possibility that long-term teleworking will be possible. Are families with young children able to afford it? How can I grow my career post-Covid-19 How can I establish long-term relationships and trust with customers through digital interaction? What does this mean for taxes and pay? What will happen to my home job if I have a different job? There are many unknowns and people are searching for answers to how the pandemic will affect their lives and society.

Although the pandemic is a significant issue for many, it will soon end. Long-term SEO strategies should include creating relevant, fresh content that stays relevant long after its publication. Never publish statistics reports, articles or news about the presidential election. You might consider creating evergreen content in the following formats: how-to make, how to-choose and how–to-use guides. You can also use highly searchable keywords in your title such as “list”, “tutorial”, and “tips”, or “who”, where”, how, and what.

Keep creating content that is timeless, as it will continue to drive traffic and remain relevant.

Last words

You need to monitor and analyze what prospects share on social media, your website, and search interactions in order to make your online business successful. The global pandemic may have reshaped consumer behavior, user preferences and habits but retailers who can recognize and follow trends will prevail.

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