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10 Best Product Management Podcasts Of 2021

Podcasts are all the rage nowadays. Edison Research found that over half of Americans aged 12 and older have listened to podcasts at least once. This is a 122% increase in podcast listening from 2014 to 2019.

Podcasts can be used to help you get a different perspective on your day, whether it’s while you commute to work or at the gym.

Product managers are the hardworking jacks of all trades that they are.

Let’s now take a look at ten podcasts product managers should listen to.

Product Management

This is Product Management has over 20,000 weekly listeners and is the most popular podcast covering all aspects of product management.

Mike Fishbein, host, takes listeners through various product-related topics. These topics include user research and how to influence stakeholders within your company.

His guests are just as varied as the topics they cover. These include product executives from companies like Spotify, McKinsey and Under Armour.

Take a look at iTunesYouTube, or any other podcasting platform.

The Product Podcast

Similar to This is Product Management The Product Podcastcast hosted at Product School guides its users through a variety of topics and speakers.

The podcast features a number of product executives from companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The fact that many episodes are recordings of lectures or presentations that were given at Product School’s campuses around the world is a drawback. Some may find this distracting because of the lack of sound editing and audience noise.

However, there are still many things to learn. Implementing a B2B Product Management Culture in a B2C Organization such as N26.

SpotifyiTunes have you covered.


Who would have thought that podcasts about tech could be so entertaining? You’ll find yourself having a few good laughs after listening Pivot hosted by Kara Swisher, a NYU professor of marketing, and seasoned tech journalist.

This podcast is released every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. It covers the latest developments in politics, business, and tech.

There’s always something to learn, whether it’s Kara Swisher sharing unfiltered insight into the mind of Silicon Valley’s elite or prof Galloway bashing Mark Zuckerberg.

You can find the latest episodes on iTunes and Spotify.

This Week in Tech (TWiT

This Week In Tech is hosted by Leo Laporte and covers the most recent developments in technology.

Leo is supported by three other guests and leads his guests through a roundtable discussion about topics like the latest iPhone launches or whether Jeff Bezos really was hacked in Saudi Arabia.

TWiT is the best news source to keep up with the latest tech news.

Business Wars

Business Wars is hosted by David Brown, and produced by Wondery. It’s a season-based look at the historical battles that made some the most powerful companies in the world.

The podcast often covers six episodes, with an additional interview at the conclusion. It also dives deep into the history of these companies and the people who managed them.

Wondery podcasts are a great choice for those who don’t know them: their production quality and sound editing is superior to anything else.

The following seasons are some of the most popular:

  • Snapchat vs. Facebook
  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster
  • Nintendo vs. Sony

Visit Wondery’s Website, or listen to the podcast on one of the following platforms.

Masters of Scale

You can bet that your podcast host has interesting things to say if he is involved in building PayPal and co-founding LinkedIn and Greylock, two of the most successful VC’s in the world.

Reid Hoffman, host of Masters of Scale explains to his audience the strategies his guests used in growing their businesses from zero to global dominance. The interviewees include Drew Houston, Jeff Weiner and Bill Gates.

These insightful contents are complemented by Reid’s amazing storytelling skills and sound production. You can also read his book to learn more about Reid’s theory on blitzscaling. Highly recommended

a16z Podcast

You’ve likely heard that “software has taken over the world”. Marc Andreessen, cofounder of Andreessen Hoowitz, first coined the phrase. It described a future state in technology that we see happening today.

That thesis led to great business success with investments in Facebook and lyft, Pinterest and Slack, among others. And now, the a16z podcast is guiding us regular people into the many investment strategies Andreessen Horowitz uses today.

Topics include company views on crypto, artificial intelligence, biotech, and even gaming. The firm’s founders provide insight, as well as the many investment professionals that the company employs.


The Acquiredpodcast is hosted by Ben Gilbert, David Rosenthal and tells the story about the biggest acquisitions and IPOs in the world.

They discuss the intricacies of how the company or industry got started, what technological advances and business moves allowed it to rise, and how the acquisition of the company or going public was beneficial for its outcome.

If you are unable to resist, Acquired offers you the chance to subscribe to their Limited Partners’ program.

Exponential View

Azeem Azhar hosts Exponential View, which explores how different technologies like AI and blockchain can transform society and the business world.

Azhar has over 50,000 weekly listeners and interviews experts in the field. For example, guests include Lemonade Insurance CEO Daniel Schreiber and Accenture’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty.


The Equitypodcast hosted and produced by Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch is a must-listen for PMs in the startup industry.

The team reviews recent financial developments in the startup industry, either alone or with guests. The lack of advertising is a positive addition, making it very convenient.

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